I am not financially reimbursed for my reviews. Any review copies sent to me by authors, publishers, or publicists will be clearly marked as such in the review. All other books were purchased by me, borrowed from the library or friends, or received as gifts.

The current tagline for this blog, "She's reading again. How novel," is a quote from the super awesome show, Gilmore Girls. Thus, it belongs to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Warner Bros. Television. Not me.

All book summaries are taken from Goodreads or the book itself. I also try to link to Goodreads anytime I mention a book I'm not reviewing, allowing for easy look-up if it catches your interest.

Full disclosure: I receive a small percentage from Amazon and The Book Depository for all purchases made through the links on this site. This helps fund giveaways and fun things for the blog that would not be possible otherwise.

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