Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: 7/31/12 Edition

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Top Ten Characters with Whom I'd Switch Places for 24 Hours

One of my favorite TTT topics in quite a while! I just had to do this one, and it was a blast. I had lots of fun sorting through all the potential choices. It was a challenge coming up with characters where my reasoning for wanting to switch wasn't solely for The Amazing Guy with whom said girl shared a book!verse.

01. Katsa from the Graceling Realm. Guys. For real. She's a freaking badass. I'd love to have her Grace. Not to mention, I'd get 24 hours with Po, which is most definitely nothing to complain about.
02. Stephanie from the Stephanie Plum series. Okay, so I'd prefer one of the days when she's not in the path of a homicidal maniac or Vaseline-covered naked guy. But one word for you that makes it all worth it: RANGER. I'd certainly put an end to the wishy-washy triangle nonsense. It'd be Goodbye Morelli, Hello Ranger time in The Burg. And I'd love to meet Lula and Grandma Mazur.
03. Mia from The Princess Diaries series. In my head, they live in that refurbished firehouse from the movie, and I WANT TO LIVE THERE SO BADLY. Plus, I know I'm in the minority, but I totally love Lilly and would love to hang out with her. Also, Michael. ♥ (Hey, look at me putting him third, pretending that he's not totally the #1 reason. HA.) Plus, think of how awesome it would be to rule a cool little European country for a day.
04. Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia series. Who wouldn't want to live in Narnia, be royalty, talk to Mr. Tumnus for a day?
05. Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Like she even needs explanation. There's a reason she's been on pretty much every single list I've seen this week. Hogwarts, etc. Not to mention I could hook up with Draco, because there's totally chemistry there and YES, PLEASE.

06. Camille from Hunting and Gathering (Ensemble c'est tout). SO MANY REASONS. Franck, obviously. ♥ And I'd love to have her artistic talent, live in France, and meet Philibert and Paulette.
07. Belly from The Summer Trilogy. Conrad and Jeremiah. ♥ I want to spend a beautiful summer day at the beach on the East coast with these brothers. Which one I'd make out with at the end of the day is a toss-up, though.
08. Jordan from Catching Jordan. I freaking love football, and since I was about 9 years old and read What's the Opposite of a Best Friend (which is totally the 90's MG version of Catching Jordan's premise) for the first time, I've wanted to be able to be a super awesome quarterback who played football with The Guys all the time. Alas, it was not meant to be, but I could throw a pretty decent spiral once upon a time.
09. Macy from The Truth About Forever. WES BAKER, I LOVE YOU. Also, I want to work at Wish and hang out with Kristy and Monica and talk to Delia and oh, I could live in Sarah Dessen's world and be happy forever..
10. Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. Hello, Mr. Darcy. End of story.

Bonus: Laura from the Little House series. Yes, she was a real person, but I'd totally love to take her place in her (mostly?) fictional world. Whether it was when she was younger and Pa played his fiddle for the family Christmas in the woods, or when she was older and Almanzo drove her home from the school house in subzero temperatures.

Edit: Also, Anna from Anna and the French Kiss! HELLO. France + St. Clair? Yes, please. Can't believe I forgot her the first time around.


  1. Great list! Hermoine is definitely popular this week. I would also love to be Mia because of that house also! But mostly cause she's, you know, a freaking princess!

  2. You have SO many good choices on here - Anna (hello France, I would love to come and visit!), Belly (I want a beach house at Cousins Beach) and Hermione (I would love to be a genius and go to Hogwarts and be besties with Harry & Ron).

  3. Such a fun list! I'd love to be Mia because hi, she's a princess! Also totally agree on Hermione, Belly, and Macy! All girls with fab choices in boys. 

  4. Ha ha! I had Hermione on my list too (I suspected I would find her all over this week!), and Lucy as well. Nice choices!!

  5. Haha, that she is!  She was on probably a good 75% of the lists I saw.

    Is it weird that I would almost rather have the house than be the princess?  I mean, being a princess is all well and good, but if I had that house and Michael, I think I'd be a pretty darn happy camper. ;D

  6. Ahaha, yes.  That was definitely a part of the consideration.  I actually had to put extra thought into it to NOT just focus on girls with whom I would switch places solely for the purpose of spending time with their boys.

  7. Yep, she was all over!  Hooray for Narnia love, too! 

    Thanks. :)


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