Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT! I have moved!


I am now officially co-blogger at The Book Barbies! My intro post goes live tomorrow.

I will no longer be updating Fictionally Inclined. If you would like to continue following me, please follow The Book Barbies.

As you may have noticed, I have been posting very little lately. Senior year of college is no walk in the park, so I've been crazy busy. Although I did vow to come back - and have, to an extent - I just can't handle running a solo blog right now. I'm a perfectionist to the bone, and I am pretty much not physically capable of doing things in half measures. If I can't do something all the way, I probably won't even try. I knew this about myself, and I thought I would give it a valiant effort. Clearly, this was not successful.

However! Out of this rather dreary situation came something wonderful. I have thought for quite a while that I'd really love to co-blog. It sounds like a blast, not to mention it would be great to have a person with whom you can split the work. I contemplated seeing if anyone was interested, but I really wanted it to be someone I already knew. Then I discovered that my friend Racquel over at The Book Barbies was running the show solo, because her co-blogger had left the blog. Golden opportunity? I think so. Then, one fateful day, I messaged her on Twitter, and the rest is history. ...Or, well, it will be. One day.

For the moment, Fictionally Inclined is officially defunct. Although I will not be updating here, I am keeping the site up, and if I decide someday that blogging solo is for me again, I will come back here. Until then, you can find me at The Book Barbies.

I love you all so much! Thank you for making my memories of this past year so incredible. I hope to see you all over at The Book Barbies soon!

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