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About the Blog

Welcome to Fictionally Inclined! This blog is dedicated to reviewing books of all types, but the majority will fall within the Young Adult and Romance genres. A few weekly memes and lists will be scattered throughout the blog. In the future, book tours, giveaways, and interviews may be included as well.

The story of how I started a book blog is kind of a funny story. This blog actually came about because of my personal blog. I found myself updating less and less about myself, but more and more with book reviews. I had toyed with the idea of starting a book blog for a couple years, even going so far as to create one, although I never did anything with it. This time, I went back, renamed it, and jumped head-first into blogging! When I started, I really knew nothing about book blogging. So, I spent at least two entire days designing, posting backlog reviews, researching blogs and what exactly you put on them besides book reviews. Little did I know, the world of book blogging is a thousand times more awesome than I'd ever imagined! I get to interact with fun and intelligent people who love books as much as I do, learn about amazing books, and do all kinds of fun stuff. Aaaand now you have been introduced to my rambling abilities. Hope you stay around to see them applied to books!

For the record, this blog is not affiliated in any way with the Fictionally Inclined on Fictionpress.

About Me

Hello, all! My name is Sharon. I'm a 21-year-old college student with a crazy love of books, an obsession with quotes, and a myriad of fictional boyfriends. I dislike sleep and odd numbers. I detest coffee, but I love tea and hot cocoa. I adore cool words like plethora and evanescent. I am a Christmas enthusiast. Friends is my favorite show ever, and I quote it about ten times more often than I actually get to use my aforementioned fancy words. I abuse the capslock feature on occasion and have a penchant for rambling. What else? I love talking about books! Drop me a comment, shoot me a Tweet, send me a smoke signal (although I'm not sure I can interpret that last one without at least a little help).

Ratings & Reviews

Last Resort - You're in the doctor's office. Your iPod just died, you've read the magazine in front of you twice, and the television is playing infomercials on a loop. This is the time to break out this book.

Stash in the Glove Box - Not great, but worth reading. You can easily put it down without any hard feelings for a couple weeks until the next time you need it again.

Lunch Break Read - A good book, but it's just missing that special factor that makes you feel like you never want to leave the story.

Staying in Tonight - A really good book. It's not quite compelling enough to keep you from much-needed sleep, but it's totally worth spending the evening curled up on the couch with your nose in the pages.

Stay Up 'til 2 AM - A great book. You can't tear yourself away until the need for sleep finally overcomes you, despite your valiant efforts.

Read Through the Apocalypse - A mind-blowingly, stunningly, adjective-defyingly amazing book. Nothing will come between the two of you. Come friends, dates, 4 AM, store-wide book sales, or the apocalypse, you will not be torn away.

My reviews and ratings are 100% honest. My ratings are based upon a combination of subjective and objective criteria. I consider my enjoyment of the book foremost, but I will also take factors into consideration such as the plot, character development, and the quality of the writing.

All book summaries are taken from Goodreads or the book itself. I also try to link to Goodreads anytime I mention a book I'm not reviewing, allowing for easy look-up if it catches your interest.

Policy Regarding Reviews, Requests, and Promotion

At the moment, I am open to receiving review copies. I am also absolutely willing to participating in blog tours, conduct author interviews, or hold giveaways for books. If you would like me to review your book, please submit your request via email. Be sure to include the title, author, and a summary/blurb of the book. I will not be able to review all books requested, but I will take each one into consideration. Please take note of the following list if you are considering sending me a review request. Also note that I will not accept partial works, and although I will read the first book in a series, I will not accept books from the middle of a series I have not read.

Preferred genres:
→ Romance (historical, contemporary, Christian)
→ YA (all subgenres)
→ Chick Lit
→ General Fiction
→ Dystopian

Genres I may accept, depending on the specific book:
→ Romance (paranormal, sci-fi)
→ Mystery
→ Poetry

Genres I will not accept:
→ Horror
→ Sci-fi
→ Non-fiction


I am not financially reimbursed for my reviews. Any review copies sent to me by authors, publishers, or publicists will be clearly marked as such in the review. All other books were purchased by me, borrowed from the library or friends, or received as gifts.

The current tagline for this blog, "She's reading again. How novel," is a quote from Gilmore Girls. Thus, it belongs to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Warner Bros. Television. Not me.

Full disclosure: I receive a small percentage from Amazon and The Book Depository for all purchases made through the links on this site. This helps fund giveaways and fun things for the blog that would not be possible otherwise.

Contact Information

Click here to contact me! You can reach me at fictionallyinclined [at] gmail [dot] com.

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